A Tale of Storybook and Tailwind CSS

Imagine this: You have a new project, the design is ready, and you’ve started implementing the user interface (UI) components. However, the logic hasn’t been implemented, and the application isn’t up and running. Despite this, your customers are eager to see the initial UI progress. That’s where Storybook comes to the rescue!

Dynamic Wizard

Online insurance businesses face the enormous task of converting established products that were previously sold by a broker or sales agent into viable online products sold directly to consumers. Viability in this scenario means that a user can configure and understand an insurance offer without the help of a professional. So for one of our customers, our team set out to build a website selling insurance online.

Role-Based Authentication

Authentication can be tricky, but a good role-based implementation can offer more than just a security solution; used correctly, it can help deliver tremendous user and developer experiences.